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The contest has officially ended.

But the book is still available.

Use your creative talents to post a book review, video skit, or mini-movie about my ebook and you could possibly win $2,500! The rules of the contest are located at the back of my e-book, I Want My Sperm Back.

Book Description
Liam Boaz is an attorney, his wife Beth is an accountant. Liam always looked forward to the day he has kids. When Beth is about to make senior partner at work she finds out she is pregnant. Instead of telling Liam the good news she decides to have an abortion.

When Liam finds out he demands she have his baby. When she refuses to do so he files for an injunction with the local court until the Supreme Court can rule on it. He wins the injunction and the judge orders Beth to not have an abortion. She disobeys the judge and schedules the abortion. The abortion goes horribly wrong when her uterus is perforated. In the meantime Liam is putting together a court challenge to Roe Vs. Wade which has been unbeatable since nineteen seventy three. The book will touch on all of your emotions. You will happy, sad, glad, mad, you will laugh, and you will cry. But in the end you will feel good and be glad you read it.

The price of the book is only $4.95

It can only be ordered online.
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